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Christmas Presents

aileen.jpgI just moved over to WordPress from blogger.com. Blogger decided that I was somehow spamming on my blog and has locked me out for three days. So forget them! I’ve found that site not very user-friendly anyway.

So even though I’ve been off for a glorious two weeks, I’ve gotten very little writing done. *Sigh.* But I have been doing a lot of visiting. I think I may actually get more writing done when I’m not on break!

I did receive some books as Christmas presents, which is always lots of fun. I just read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a memoir about her journey to Italy, India, and Indonesia, to search for love and God. Truly one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I highly recommend it.

But then I read Alice Sebold’s “The Almost Moon.” Well, I should say, I read the first 100 pages and skimmed over the rest because it was so awful. You might remember hearing about or reading “The Lovely Bones,” which at the time, I really liked. On second reading, I didn’t like it as much, but she still had some really beautiful passages.

Her second book, though? The narrator was unlikable, and then she goes and murders her mother. And then tries to cover it up. There is no other story thread, and the narrator shows little remorse. Oh well. I was happy to get it as a gift, because I truly did want to read it. Sometimes reading a horrible book teaches me about what not to do, and here I learned lots! 🙂

I should be working on my novel, but I think I may go watch an episode of “Lost” (season 3, another Christmas gift.) I’ll watch just one episode. I think. 🙂

What I’m reading: “The Bright Forever” by Lee Martin

What I’m listening to: “Amie” by Damien Rice

What I’m working on: More revisions of Diminished Fifth.


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